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November 30, 1825 – August 19, 1905. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
98003 Angra Victor Meirelles Angra oil Dimensions 16 x 22 cm cyf
77509 Dom Pedro II Victor Meirelles Dom Pedro II Date 1864(1864) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 252 ?? 165 cm (99.2 ?? 65 in) cyf
98188 Head of an old man Victor Meirelles Head of an old man oil on cardboard Dimensions 61.5 x 51 cm cyf
98004 Portrait of a woman Victor Meirelles Portrait of a woman 1880(1880) Medium oil Dimensions 74 x 60 cm cyf
97334 Still life Victor Meirelles Still life 1880(1880) Medium oil Dimensions 90 X 70 cm cyf
94292 The first Mass in Brazil Victor Meirelles The first Mass in Brazil 1860(1860) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 268 x 356 cm (105.5 x 140.2 in) cjr
85598 Uma rua da cidade do Desterro Victor Meirelles Uma rua da cidade do Desterro Date 1851(1851) Medium Oil on paper Dimensions 34.2 x 49.3 cm (13.5 x 19.4 in) cjr

Victor Meirelles
Victor Meirelles de Lima (August 18, 1832 -February 22, 1903) was a 19th century painter. He studied art in Paris but painted most of his works in and about his native Brazil. His religious and military paintings helped him become one of the most popular and celebrated Brazilian painters. His The first Mass in Brazil was the first Brazilian painting to be accepted in the Salons of Paris and is one of the most well known paintings in his native country, being reproduced in every book of History for elementary schools.
Adolphe William Bouguereau
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